classic brown cartons

Regular Slotted Containers are the most common style of corrugated packaging as well as our most popular stock box. We have over 400 different sizes available in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

 white mailers

Our white corrugated mailers are shipped flat but quickly fold up into a nice tuck top container. These are commonly used for shipping by mail. We currently stock well over 200 different sizes. Styles vary according to size.

 One Piece Folders

Variable Depth Bookfolds are designed so that the bottom is flat and the sides and top fold over the product. Extra scores are added to accomodate several different depths with a single container. They are called Bookfolds because they are often used for the shipping of books or similarly sized products.

 bin boxes

Bin Boxes are used for parts storage. They are shipped flat but easily fold into form. Divider Bins are also available which sit down inside of the Bin Boxes to create removable compartments. These are available in standard Kraft and also Kla-White outside linerboards.


 pads pic

Corrugated pads have many uses but they are often used as spacers or for increased protection or stability in packaging. We have over 50 different sizes in stock.

 white file storage box

We also stock a number of other styles of corrugated boxes including Storage Boxes with lids, Literature Trays, Telescoping Boxes and more.

 packing supplies

We stock a wide assortment of packaging products to fit many applications including Tape, Tape Dispensers, Bubble Wrap, Bubble Envelopes, Kraft Paper Rolls, Stretch Wrap, Stretch Wrap Dispensers, Packing Peanuts and many other items.


          Packed pallet 

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