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If we want to truly stand out in today’s marketplace and lead our company to new heights of success, we need to communicate more effectively. Despite our best intentions, we sometime get snarled in failures that can hinder our business growth. In order for us to avoid this common pitfall, we have to be aware and know how to combat it.

There is a big difference between informing and communicating. Informing is one-way, static and seldom leads to action. On the other hand communicating is two-way, dynamic and usually leads to action. If we ask ourselves “Between the two, which is more prevalent in our organization?” for most of us the answer is probably informing. Subsequently if we are not effectively communicating with each other internally, how can we expect to be with customers and suppliers?

This is not to say we should stop informing each other. However we all need to tap into the true power of communication. As we focus on maximizing two-way interaction, we must rethink the way we do business. We need to constantly convey pertinent information, ideas and thoughts back and forth allowing us to proactively and more accurately serve our customers. Additionally this will accelerate positive change and prove essential as our organization continues to grow.


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