July 2016

As we transition into the third quarter of 2016, there is much that has happened over the last 90 days. Through these happenings not only did we perform well but we are also now a better company because of it. For all of our customers, employees and suppliers involved, your effort is genuinely appreciated.

The production group has executed quite well even with their recent personnel changes. More emphasis is now being put towards entering and filling out production data accurately, performing thorough quality checks and paying closer attention to the avoid printing and gluing issues. Additionally the department is making progress towards better stabilization of supervisors and machine crews.

Due to the willingness and flexibility of the individuals in shipping, the department performs a fantastic job in delivering product to customers on time. Their goal of loading first runs on second shift is still in the development stages but it is a certainty of eventually happening. In order to best serve our customers, they are working on collaboration with production to assist when one of the forklift drivers in the department is required to help in the warehouse or to make a delivery.

Having to maintain three facilities, the maintenance group finds itself very busy most of the time. They have made significant strides towards organizing the department in both terms of prioritization of work and managing parts inventory. Software is being utilized to not only track and store certain parts, but it is also assisting in the assignment of work through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance.

As of mid-year the sales department is running ahead of last year in both sales dollars and square footage. The group has done a spectacular job to this point, as they have prospects they are calling on which will allow them to eventually sell even more. Aspiring to goals in mind, they recently hired a new sales representative with the idea of hiring another sometime in the new future. As a side note, all of our sales support groups (i.e. customer service, design, inventory control, quality control, scheduling, accounting, etc.) have performed diligently and should be commended for their daily effort.

As certain warehouse accounts have grown and evolved, we find ourselves at a time where additional space is needed. The Breiel warehouse is approximately 45 days away from its completion date which will give us the capacity we need, allowing us to spread back out and regain some of the efficiencies that we previously lost. Our hand work area along with our warehouse areas will soon have ample space enabling us to store, track, pull and ship product in an organized and efficient manner.

On a day to day basis, the IT department has done a great job keeping our system updated and functioning in a proper fashion. Along with the daily maintenance of our system, IT has projects that they are required to work on and complete for various departments in our organization. Just to mention a few, they are presently working on website updates, email blasts, plant-wide reports, bar coding system implementation and Advantzware software troubleshooting.

With the growth that we are experiencing, constant change will always be ongoing and necessary in order for us to keep our facility on pace with the ever changing demands of our customers. As we all know change is not always easy and at times it can be downright difficult. Despite this challenge, it is imperative that each and every one of us embrace this dynamic environment in which we operate, as it is essential that we do so in order for N-Stock Box to ultimately be the very best it can be.



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