April 2016

The economic conditions in the first quarter of 2016 proved to be much like the winter we experienced, mild at best. January and February sales were about even with last year. However March showed signs of picking up which hopefully carries over into the second quarter. Another positive is that we worked the first three months with very little overtime which is reflective of the hard work we put in last year to expand our capacity.

For the most part production has been operating at a respectable rate. The most daunting task at this point is to find people who want to fill our last several openings. Fortunately we have a core of associates who are productive and come to work every day. Once we fill all of our voids with comparable employees, we will be able to improve and ultimately maximize our productivity.

By staggering drivers, shipping has created some efficiencies which we previously were not experiencing. In addition to better utilizing our man hours we are also leaving our docks more consistently with fuller loads. As we progress and second shift grows, it is our intentions to start loading our first run trucks on that shift. By doing so, it will further improve our efficiencies as well as add capacity.

Maintenance has done a fantastic job in getting and keeping our equipment in good working order. Regularly our crews are in the plant on the weekends making repairs and adjustments on our production machines on an as needed basis. Additionally many of the repairs have been preventative in nature which has allowed us to avoid costly breakdowns and has enhanced our customer service through better production continuity.

As previously mentioned our sales the first quarter were about even with last year, with the exception of March which showed a nice pick up. Competitive pressures combined with the current flat economic conditions have certainly made it difficult to maintain sustainable sales growth. Nonetheless our sales group has performed respectfully and is still working hard as they continue to lay the necessary groundwork towards growing and expanding our future business.

Our packaging software provider Advantzware recently announced that they are under new ownership. They have stated that their push going forward is to update their software in order to improve its compatibility and to make it more user friendly. As we add to and further integrate our system, this will obviously prove beneficial. Speaking of integration, we have recently started experimenting with our new bar coding software. Initially, it seems to have great potential but we undoubtedly have a lot of work in getting it fully operational.

N-Stock Box is at a very exciting time in its existence. Whether it is through our current effort, additional sales people or acquisitions we seem to be at a point where opportunity for growth is eminent. With an ample amount of equipment and space along with a fine complement of employees, we find ourselves poised for accelerated expansion. As we move forward and stay true to our relentless effort towards serving existing and future customers, great growth opportunities are likely just around the corner.


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