January 2016

It is hard to believe that 2015 is now over as we begin the first quarter of 2016. Many changes transpired last year which ultimately made us a company better suited to serve customers. More importantly though is that we now have personnel in place which will enable us to expand our overall capacity in order to accommodate for future growth.

We experienced quite a few months last year where we produced significant square footage. Daily and weekend overtime was at times required, but as a whole our supervisors, operators and crews rose to the challenge of meeting our customer’s demands within their normal 40 hour week. Particularly in the last three months of 2015, our production group performed quite well as they faced our busiest quarter of the year.

From the time that we started our second shift, it has improved dramatically in both terms of production and quality. Despite a couple of minor setbacks, the group showed steady improvement throughout the year. As we progress through 2016, we intend to add additional machine crews to the shift which will allow us to create more capacity for future customers.

Our shipping group has made significant strides in the last 90 days towards developing desperately needed capacity. The department is now more flexible enabling it to be managed in a much more efficient manner. Most important is the long term potential that it now possesses towards satisfying customers through better communication and more accurate and on-time deliveries.

The progress which our maintenance department made in the last quarter is quite apparent in the fact that our machine down-time has been noticeably less. Through trouble-shooting, better planning and having the necessary resources available, they were able to both prevent problems before they occurred as well as fix problems immediately once they occurred. Their ongoing objective will be to enhance this effort as they move forward.

As anticipated our sales group finished the year slightly ahead of 2014 and with continued momentum as they enter into the new year. Fortunately they begin the first quarter not having any accounts in jeopardy and therefore have established lofty sales goals for 2016. With sales support assistance from customer service, design, accounting and IT, they are expecting to establish new benchmarks in both sales dollars and square footage.

In December IT purchased new software through our provider which will allow us to fully integrate inventory control into our system through barcoding. The initial thrust will be to track incoming sheets by way of a barcode scanner and eventually monitor inventory as it enters and leaves our warehouses using the same method. Obviously there will an initial learning curve but ultimately this new system will lead to better control and fewer mistakes.

The renovation of our Breiel warehouse is well under way as we have removed the existing ceiling tiles and framework along with the outdated light fixtures. As we proceed we intend to replace the lighting, install heaters, update the sprinkler system, remove the drywall and floor tile and secure the exterior. Our desire is to have the warehouse up into shape and functional by mid-year.

2015 proved to be a good year for N-Stock Box as we strengthened many of our departments, in turn providing the basic structure necessary to create capacity in order to accommodate for our future growth. Importantly in our effort to further grow our business we must always remember to work safely and watch for the safety of others. Through our continued dedication and motivation towards safely serving customers, we can expect another exciting and prosperous year for all.

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