October 2015

After a robust third quarter, we are favorably entering the fourth quarter with uninterrupted momentum. We are anticipating a very busy next couple of months as our customers continue to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Overall we are expecting a productive period as well as our best quarter of the year.

Our production effort during these busier times is truly of the utmost importance. Our operators and crews, particularly in the last 60 days, have been doing a great job and should be commended. It is this type of plantwide effort that will allow us to maintain and absorb our present and future growth.

In order for us to further expand our production capacity, it will be imperative that we enlarge our second shift. Therefore our thrust going forward will be to add both cooperative and responsible individuals to populate this group. Though it will take some time to fully develop this shift, it will ultimately allow us to best serve our customers in the most effective and efficient way possible.

At present our shipping department is in the midst of an essential transformation. With our recent influx of square footage volume, we are finding ourselves in a daily quandary as to how to get everything shipped. As a result we are in the process of adding equipment and personnel in order to create much needed capacity.

As of the last month or so, our proactive approach towards preventative maintenance is just beginning to take hold. To initiate this process, we are incorporating more scheduling and organizing than we used to do. Though we are only in the infancy stages, we are already experiencing fewer breakdowns and less downtime for maintenance issues.

With the competitive nature of our business, our sales department has performed a magnificent job in keeping our plant full throughout this entire year. The same holds true for all our sales support groups such as customer service, design, IT and accounting. Through their continued effort, we anticipate reaching new company records this year in terms of both square footage and sales dollars.

During our quality audit in August, we were informed by our lead auditor that the new 2015 ISO standard will entail some significant changes. Fortunately the new direction seems to be less about fluff and more about value. Obviously this will require some additional work on our part to get up to speed, but with this change we expect it to ideally make us a better company.

Along with manufacturing quality product on time to our customers, we must always make a concentrated effort to perform our jobs safely. As a group we must follow all safety rules and bring information to the open if we see an unsafe act or situation. Our continued well-being and happiness depends on each and every one making certain that they do their part in utilizing safe practices.


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