July 2015

As the second quarter comes to a close, we are beginning to realize some positive results from the changes we implemented at the beginning of this year. Though we have experienced a few minor setbacks long the way, our overall effort has created the foundation for our continued growth.

When we began our second shift, our production rates were understandably quite low. Additionally we experienced quite a few quality issues, particularly in gluing. At present our production rates and quality issues have gotten better, but we certainly have room for additional improvement. For only six months in existence though, the shift has generated results which are all in all acceptable.

The roof at our Breiel Blvd. warehouse was recently recovered. Future projects include ceiling tiles, sprinklers, heaters, internal walls and dock doors. Much like it was with our existing warehouse across the street, these updates will transpire over the course of time. As our business develops we will gradually accomplish all of these necessary building improvements in order to provide ample and quality space for our many present and soon to be warehouse customers.

The job transitions which occurred in the first half of the year are now effectively in place. The impacted departments included sales, quality, safety, customer service, scheduling and production. As of now all of these areas seem to be operating with efficiency, capacity and potential for future growth. With this latest group of personnel changes, we firmly believe that we have the basis for an infrastructure which will provide us with plant wide support for many years to come.

Consistent with our objective to consistently produce quality product, it is of the utmost importance that our production equipment be properly maintained. Therefore as of the last three months, we have put forth a more concentrated effort in keeping our resources in a better working condition. Daily meetings are being held to identify and schedule issues, and operators are doing a better job of notifying supervisors of potential problems. Going forward our direction in maintenance will be to transition away from being reactive into becoming more proactive.

Our ISO audit is scheduled for August 10th and 11th. Within this two day period, we will have two individuals from Eagle Certifications auditing all areas of our Quality System. As part of the process, they will be observing personnel from within our business to make certain that assigned procedures are being followed as required. If we individually as well as collectively perform our jobs as we have been trained to do, we likely will experience no issues with our recertification.

Given the current economic conditions, we fared reasonably well in the first half of 2015. Even though we lost a couple of bigger accounts at the end of last year, our sales group has already recouped that business plus a little more. In the second quarter we experienced no lost time accidents as we surpassed 450 days with no incidents. Along with the previously mentioned, many other positive things are happening at N-Stock Box. We remain excited as we enter the third quarter and look forward to capitalizing on the potential that our longer term future holds.

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