April 2015

We are excited to report on our progress which occurred at N-Stock Box in the first quarter. Many changes were initiated in order to ensure capacity for future growth.

Our newly added second shift started gradually but now it appears to be gaining momentum. Presently we are operating a flexo-folder gluer, a rotary die-cutter and a semi-automatic gluer. Our overtime has been reduced dramatically and our production has been expanded as a result of this added shift. It remains our intentions to develop the shift as needed in order to accommodate for future growth as well as service customers.

Warehousing continues as a growing service that we provide to our many customers. We still have capacity in our 70,000 square foot facility located directly across the street from our main plant, however it is not too far from being completely full. As good fortune would have it, in March we closed on another 80,000 square foot building which is in close proximity to our present location. This acquisition should provide us with ample customer warehousing space for sometime to come.

We experienced several personnel changes in the first three months of 2015. At the beginning of the year we added a new sales representative locally and moved another into the Columbus marketplace. We feel both have the potential to create some great new customer opportunities. Also a person was hired to manage our quality and safety programs. Though just getting started, this individual already seems to be making a noticeable difference.

Promotions from within included positions in customer service, scheduling, production management and warehouse management. With all these changes taking place at once, it has created a bit of confusion at times. But we have also created a long term infrastructure which will allow us to continue to grow our business as well as enhance our customer service.

Our mini flexo-folder gluer has been up and running since January. We invited a technician in and he was able to help us tremendously with the timing of the machine. It is our intentions to have the machine completely staffed and running full time at the start of the second quarter. We remain enthusiastic about the added value it will bring to our existing and future customers.

The first quarter of the year reflected some positive progress at N-Stock Box. All in all we ended the period fairly well. Our sales were steady as we have several new business opportunities in the works. We reached 400 days with no lost time accidents. Several changes were initiated to allow for continued growth and enhanced customer service. As we end this transitional first three months of 2015, we expect another bustling and productive second quarter.


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