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  • October 2017
    Written by

    On September 25, 2017 N-Stock Box spent the day with two Auditors from Eagle Registrations. It was time again for another ISO audit. This one happened to be our ISO Surveillance Audit. If the term isn’t familiar, having a Surveillance Audit entails Auditors choosing areas of the Quality Management System and thoroughly examining them to confirm all processes are conforming to ISO 9001 standards. N-Stock Box has multiple types of audits throughout the year. While audits aren’t new to us this audit was important.

    Two ISO Auditors spent approximately 20 combined hours combing through our Quality Management System; reviewing policies and procedures, studying the infrastructure, interviewing employees, observing operations, etc. I am happy to report that we passed our audit with flying colors. Our auditors were quite impressed with how knowledgeable the employees were. Without them a successful audit would not have been possible. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our employees take pride in their work and it definitely shows. “Service Means Whatever it Takes” is much more than our motto, it’s what we do. 


    Written on Friday, 29 September 2017 10:11
  • October 2016
    Written by

    The third quarter has drawn to a close as we historically begin our busiest three months of the year. Through the additional capacity that we have added this year, it is our hopes that this upcoming influx of business will be more manageable than it has been previously. In conjunction with our urgent and unwavering commitment to serve customers, we certainly believe that will be the case.

    Undoubtedly the production department has developed quite a bit more continuity over the last four or five months which was obviously evident be seeing many of the same machine crews throughout the last quarter. With this consistency much emphasis is now being put towards empowering crews to produce with a sense of urgency as well as be held accountable and responsible for their actions. But in the same breath it remains vitally important that each and every employee operates in a safe and cognizant manner.

    The efficiencies within the shipping department have improved dramatically due to much cross-training which has taken place over the last half year. With this increased flexibility our workflow is now more constant when employees take vacations, call off ill or if we have a spike in shipments. As our business grows it will be our intentions to add another tractor/trailer along with a driver in order to make certain that our customers are receiving their product in a timely manner.

    Over the last several months there were some significant changes within the maintenance department, most notable being the addition of two new experienced individuals. By far the group is performing the best that is ever has which is quite obvious by the amount of tasks that are getting completed compared to what was being accomplished in the past. The beauty is that through their ongoing effort our push towards developing a first class maintenance department is only inevitable.

    From January 1st 2016 to present shipments for the corrugated industry are about even with 2015 which is also holding true for N-Stock Box year to date. Our sales representatives are still working hard towards their ongoing effort of opening new accounts as we expect to see more activity once the dust settles from the upcoming presidential election. A couple of new representatives were added to the sales force this year and we are most certainly expecting good things from them as we begin 2017.

    In order to sell, manufacture and deliver product in a manner most beneficial to our customers, it is imperative that our support groups operate efficiently and effectively. Fortunately we have a very strong aggregate of departments (customer service, design, warehousing and inventory control, quality control, scheduling, accounting, human resources, etc.) that allows this to happen. Through the committed collaboration of all the individuals and groups at N-Stock Box, our continued success remains forthcoming.

    We have experienced a couple of delays with our sprinkler system installation at the Breiel warehouse, but we now have these issues resolved and are just weeks away from having the facility functional. It will be quite exciting when we initially begin to move product to the warehouse but more so when we start to fill it with new accounts. With the abundant space we will soon possess, we definitely have an infrastructure that will support us for many years to come.

    Our IT department finds itself busy most of the time with not only the monitoring and updating our present system, but it can also become inundated with projects that arise on a day to day basis. There has been much accomplished towards our endeavor of further integrations which is very evident through our ongoing improvement to better serve customers. As our company continues to grow and develop, it remains the goal of IT to ultimately develop a system which will fully support plant-wide integration.

    From the inception of N-Stock Box to today, there has been steady, significant progress which to some degree or another every employee here has made some contribution. As a mid-size sheet plant within our niche, we genuinely feel there is not a competitor in our marketplace that can even come close to providing our service and value. As we move forward let us remember the commitment that brought us to this point and take that same energy towards not only being the best, but to also being considered the only one capable of doing what we do.


    Written on Saturday, 01 October 2016 14:53

Now Hiring Rotary Die and Flexo/Folder Gluer Operators. 

1st and 2nd shift openings available. 




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